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Book Blogger Interview with Allie from AllieeReads


What is your blog in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, my blog is the space where I talk about books, mental health and where I also write really lame poetry. It is where I most feel comfortable and where I have been able to become part of an incredibly online community where we talk about all things bookish!


How long is your TBR?

I am legitimately exposing myself.

I actually went to my bookshelf for this and I counted. So, I have 76 physical books on my TBR as I am writing this! That is a mixture of classics (which takes up most of my TBR), non-fiction and young adult mainly, with one manga.


Where do you do most of your reading?

This is a hard question because I would have to say that I somewhat equally read across three locations in my home. I read in bed, on the couch in the lounge room and on the dining table. Honestly, if I timed myself, I think I would find that I spend the ‘most’ of my reading at the dining table only because I read when I have breakfast and then….I don’t really stop haha.


What’s the review writing process like for you?

It depends on the review I’m writing. If it’s for a book that I committed to other parties to review, the review process is slightly more in depth, in that, I would be taking notes whilst reading and I would begin the review sometime during the day I finished the book (or the next day if I completed the book at night). It’s a slightly more engaging experience. If I am writing a review on a book that I read just for me, it’s more the case of me ranting my feelings into the void, be that good or bad. Writing the review on a book I read just for me is much more calm or relaxed than writing a review for a book I committed to reviewing. I think it’s because I put pressure on myself to make sure the review is written in a way that is balanced and coherent, as well as articulating the reasons for my rating.


What are your favorite posts to write?

I think my favourite posts to write are discussion posts surrounding some sort of bookish theme, for instance, I really adore writing about tropes that I love/hate in fiction. I also love writing posts where I begin a conversation about book blogging and mental health — in both types of posts, I am able to write slightly more freely and I love the discussions that come out of it on twitter and in the comments of my blog.


Do you prefer ebooks or print books?

’Tis the question!

I prefer print books only because I adore holding a physical book in my hand. It enhances my reading experience. But, ebooks are great and easily accessible as well as cheaper — so it honestly depends on the state of my bank account :P


If you could meet any author, dead or alive, who would you want to meet?

I’m going to answer this in two parts, if that’s okay.

First, in terms of ‘dead’ authors it would have to be Oscar Wilde.

He is one of my absolute favourite classics author and I would just love to sit down and listen to him talk as well as hear is life story.

For an author that is alive, I would have to say Nalini Singh because she is one of my absolute favourite authors of all time and I devour any book she publishes!


What are your best tips for those who want to read more?

Don’t make it a chore. If that’s the case, you will end up dreading picking up a book so do not do that.

Maybe start with audiobooks if the main issue is you can’t seem to find the time, as with audiobooks you can multitask in a way physically reading a book won’t let you do.


What are your best tips for book bloggers or those looking to start a book blog?

Twitter is key! Don’t be scared, connect with other bookbloggers on twitter and Instagram because the book community on these platforms are incredibly supportive and it will help with being able to carve out your own online space. Get involved with bookish communities on Twitter, such as TheWriteReads, to get your blog out there and connect with other bloggers.


Anything else you would like to add?

The best thing I ever did was start up a book blog — and I am constantly so thankful for all the friends that I have found through the online book community.

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