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Indie April Interview with G. E. Hathaway

Burn by G.E. Hathaway

Today’s interview is with Tucson, Arizona native G.E. Hathaway.

LQ: Tell me a little bit about yourself:

GH: First of all, thank you so much for having me! I’m a writer by day and a writer by night, so I couldn’t be happier. I live in Tucson, Arizona, and I am a huge supporter of the local art and small business communities. I just recently published Burn on Kindle, so that’s a pretty exciting accomplishment! 

LQ: What does your writing process look like? 

GH: Growing up, I liked to write by the seat of my pants. I liked seeing where the story would take me. Now, as a working parent, I have to structure my process so every second counts. I let ideas simmer and take form in my head before choosing a direction. I outline the narrative beats and break down the chapters, then I start drafting. The first draft is always a whirlwind, and I write straight through without editing so I can at least get everything on paper, then I put it down for a month.  

LQ: What was your favorite book to write so far?

GH: Burn is my first published novel, and it was a joy to write because I could portray Tucson differently than what’s often seen in pop culture. Tucson is typically depicted from an outsider’s perspective, a land of cowboys and cacti that hasn’t much evolved from the old westerns. As someone who grew up there, I wanted to acknowledge the modern culture- especially from a teenager’s perspective. Then I wanted to give that perspective its own supernatural/mythological spin with stakes that are very consistent with stakes we deal with in real life- the brutal sun. 

LQ: Who is your favorite character to write about? 

GH: Noah, the shy but brilliant technology guru, is my favorite because I have a soft spot for underdogs and slightly damaged characters! He’s probably the most relatable, and there’s some humor to him. Ellie is my other favorite. She’s incredibly smart and strong given her circumstances. They’re both delightful. 

LQ: Who are your favorite authors? Have any of them influenced your work? 

GH: I like authors with playful voices. David Yoon, Jason “David Wong” Pargin, Christopher Moore, Rick Riordan. I have a little bit of playfulness in Burn, but I think I explore more of that playful voice in the book I’m currently working on. 

G.E. Hathaway

LQ: How are you doing during the current pandemic? 

GH: It’s definitely been challenging. My work is considered an essential service, but I am lucky enough to work from home. I have to be really careful to separate my personal life from work because it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the news headlines. I thought I could make this time my own personal renaissance and get some writing done on the side, but that hasn’t been happening. Too stressed, I think. 

LQ: What are you currently working on? 

GH: I have the sequel to Burn outlined, but before I dive back into that world, I’m struggling to get past Chapter 1 of a new idea. I do think the pandemic is the reason why I’m stuck, so I’m trying hard to be patient with myself. In the meantime, I’m exploring other creative avenues. I love looking at art videos and browsing Pinterest. I also enjoy reading. 

LQ: Anything else you would like to share? 

Thank you so much for having me! It was a real treat. 

Burn (Desert Deities Book 1) is out now on Kindle! After a devastating power outage wipes out most of Tucson, survivors Liam, Noah, and Ellie have more than hot summers to worry about. In the absence of modern technology, the Sun God and Rain Goddess rise and resume their timeless war over the elements. Friendships are tested as the humans are thrust into a strange and dangerous journey that reveals the mysterious forces ruling the desert. When the Rain Goddess is injured and the temperatures rise, Liam, Noah, and Ellie must find a way to restore power to the city before they all burn.

Visit G.E. Hathaway’s blog.

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