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#IndieApril Interview with Aidan Mc Nally

Too Sons Too Many by Aidan Mc Nally

Today’s interview is with Aidan Mc Nally, an Irish fisherman who used writing to overcome tragedy in his life.

LQ: Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

AM: My name is Aidan Mc Nally. I come from a small fishing village on the east coast of Ireland. my writing came about after some major tragedies in my own life. I felt forced to review my entire life to see did it all really happen. The answer, unfortunately, is yes, it has all been real.

For me as the guy who has been “that soldier” as in, I have been the one to pass through it all. I have still found and do still find things hard to believe. Even though I have been through such experiences, reviewing my own life and even reading back my story as I have written it. Yup, still hard to believe. some of what many will find unimaginable.

Growing up in a little fishing village definitely set the tone for how I would travel the world later in life. For the first 30 years of my life were pretty much spent as a commercial fisherman and it has been a profession that has helped me travel the world and the oceans.

Once I got the bug for writing, I can happily say now that I have produced 4 books to date. An achievement I am very happy about. I have turned my writing to writing a play as my most recent “WIP”.

Life continues and the writing will continue to keep me sane and stay healthy. The writing world is and I can liken it to how I go fishing. We throw the ropes off the harbour and head out to the ocean, we cast our nets and we hope to see them fill. Should we return with an empty boat and not make too much money for our efforts. We will of course return for the next trip and do it all over again. I will continue to throw the ropes off in my writing and enjoy the workload, should fill the nets each time or not.

LQ: What does your writing process look like?

AM: I like to make notes from time to time. I begin to formulate my writing as I go along and then it all takes shape. I will be really honest and say that,  planning it all out is not something that works for me. I enjoy taking in all that I experience and take notes from my experiences. These notes, of course, become the book.that is the rawest process that I actually do enjoy.


Layman’s Handbook, In Life by Aidan Mc Nally

LQ: What was your favorite book to write so far?

Layman’s Handbook In Life. This book has been a deeper look inside of myself. The realization that the tools that I use to keep going in life, are for me perhaps a little easier to find. I have even found myself at different times feeling a little guilty for not sharing such tools and steps to take. The end result was to release an easy to follow and as it says in the title a “Layman’s” perspective on what self-help and self-care can be. The subtitle “simple tools to change how we live”.

In the pandemic times, I find that this book has a definite place in the world right now to offer something to the public to read through and try some of the tools. The pandemic and self-isolation and lockdowns can cause someone’s mind to drift off. I encourage people to check out this book to help change for the better through this time of pause in life.

LQ: Who is your favorite character to write about? 

AM: As I have written 2 memoirs so far in my writing career, my favorite character has to be me. Funny isn’t it? Can one guy be that interesting by only mid 40’s in life? The content is a plenty and the writing continues.

LQ: Who are your favorite authors? Have any of them influenced your work?
AM: I can also honestly say that I have developed a fear of reading books whilst I am writing. I fear that I would reproduce or be influenced by something I may have recently read. For this reason, I try to remain as original and fresh as I can in my writing

My Grief, The Last 3 Years by Aiden Mc Nally

LQ: How are you doing during the current pandemic? 

AM: The lockdown and social distancing is very real here in Ireland. I actually have been enjoying a spell of good weather and getting outside in the garden more. Writing has been at a slowdown as I have just recently completed a new play. The time spent in the evenings has returned to making some marketing posts online and keep on spreading the word of my books.

They are these thus far:

LQ: What are you currently working on?

AM: As I mentioned above, I have very recently completed a play. The next project will be to have it produced and performed. To say the tasks undertaken can only be as difficult as I make me, haha. Plus I put together the odd rant or post on my blog over on Goodreads from time to time. I call my blog “random thoughts” and can be found on my Amazon page and my website on WordPress.

LQ: Anything else you would like to share? 

AM: I can be found around the web on social media.

Facebook: @TWOsonsTOOmany

Twitter: @TWOsonsTOOmany

Instagram: @2sons2many

Website: https://amcnallyauthor.wordpress.com/

Amazon Author page. https://authorcentral.amazon.com/gp/profile

Source: http://loversquarrelreviews.com/2020/04/17/indieapril-interview-with-aidan-mc-nally