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How to Read More During Your Daily Routine Without Sacrificing Sleep or Ditching Work

The benefits to reading books are countless. Reading provides mental stimulation which will improve cognitive function and fight diseases like Alzheimer’s. It’s also great for gaining new knowledge and skills, reducing stress, and getting exposed to new cultures.

But despite all of these fabulous effects of reading, a quarter of Americans haven’t read any books in the past year in any form. The average American only reads 12 books per year. (It’s only April and I’ve already read 12 books this year. I’ve accomplished this despite being a college student with an internship, a blog, freelance writing work, and moving apartments to deal with.).

This isn’t necessarily because people don’t want to read. Novelist Jody Hedlund took a poll on people’s TBR (to be read) piles and found that the majority said they had a huge amount of books on their TBR piles. One person commentator even had over 1,000 books on their TBR.

A huge obstacle to reading is lack of time. Here are some ways to devote some small and large moments of time to reading.